Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shopping Shopping Shopping

Abbey and I LOVE to shop. We do quite a bit of it together. Today we we're going to check out the sale at Soul Spun Yarn, but we quickly found out they're closed on Sundays. So, because I knew the weather was going to be crappy*, I suggested we drive to the outlet mall in Park City. We didn't go to a ton of stores, but we did get some screamin' deals. Sunglasses were buy one pair get the second half off from Fossil (be sure to ask Abbey about her movie star glasses with all the bling). Perfume from the Gap at a great price. And coats for everyone at INCREDIBLE prices at Columbia. You would not believe the prices on these coats (it's worth the trip to Park City for the prices on these coats, you really need to check them out).

Now, I know this is a terrible to say, but this shitty economy is making for some excellent shopping. The sales at stores these days are unbelievable and I can't seem to pass them up. So I guess I'm doing my part to help the economy!

*Abbey and I have some weird luck when we decide to go on mini road trips. Any time we want to leave the Salt Lake valley to go to the UC or Park City it's usually TERRIBLE weather. For some reason we always decide to head out at the worst possible time. You wouldn't believe the snow storms we've been caught in because we decided to go to a scrapbookin' store in Provo!

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