Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Holidays at our House

Every year there is a small Christmas controversy at our house. Rich wants us to put up the fake tree he got on sale at Kmart ($6, he's very proud of that), but I want a real tree. Rich grew up having fake trees and thinks their great, and I'm sure they are. But I grew up with real Christmas trees. And if you had to choose between some dusty, fake, plastic tree...or this lovely tree, which would you pick??

That's right!! You'd pick this tree! How could you not...it's gorgeous!
Maybe next year we'll put the Kmart tree. Maybe.


Young Family said...

Weird...Mike and I have the same argument every year also.... only it's REVERSED!! I grew up with fake trees. Mike with real. He thinks it's VERY un-Christmas like to have a fake one..only I end up taking care of the thing all month because he's never home. I forget to water it, it becomes dry, needles fall all over and I am irritated that I can't have my FAKE tree :O) In spite of it all...Christmas goes on.

Lupie said...

We always had real trees but the girls are gone now so no trees at all
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